FAQ ? Hotel Marketing Strategies

Questions about Barmaper & Associates and our services.

How can you help us to maximize our revenue potential?

Our program for revenue improvement will begin with a complete analysis of your current marketing strategy including an evaluation of the focus of your sales efforts. Once we gather and analyze this information, we will document our findings. We will then collaborate with you and your team to recommend alternative marketing strategies and sales programs that target significant revenue increases. Our programs ore based on proven sales and marketing models and industry experience.


How can you help us with new hotel marketing strategies and ideas?

Our experience in this industry has enabled us to collect, implement and test numerous marketing and sales programs/models over the years. We have worked for, and studied under some of the best hotel marketing minds. We will introduce you to our programs, review your specific requirements and then discuss the most appropriate sales and marketing techniques for your property. Working together, we will implement a marketing strategy that offers you the greatest opportunity for realizing the full revenue potential for your hotel.

What are your fees ? how do I get an estimate?

Please complete our Contact Us form for additional information and we will provide you with a complete written estimate for our services.


I just have a quick revenue question will you be able to help me via email?

Yes, just complete our Contact Us form for additional information and well be happy to provide an answer to your questions via email.